Darkam is a Berlin based artist, tattooist and body piercer.

Born in 1985 in San Marino, Italy, she began her career with piercings at the age of 17.

In the meantime she studied art at the Fine Art Academy of Bologna (Italy) and Barcelona. She started tattooing in 2015. 

She received certification following the course: Tattoo and Piercings: Health and Safety (Training in accordance with DGR 465/2007), she attended BMX Net Tattoo and Piercing Seminar in 2015 and 2016 in Essen and the 4.LBP Seminar (Congreso Internacional de Perforadores Profesionales) in 2016 in Puebla, Mexico.

Darkam considers piercings and tattoos as a powerful process for achieving physical enlightenment. Whether it is a personal rite, a bonding experience, or a self-conscious matter, she loves the transformative effect body modification has on people. She strongly believes that a tattoo or a piercing is more than adorning the body but also a pleasant, friendly and unique experience.

She works only with custom designs created for each customer,  because she believes a tattoo must be unique.

Darkam currently works at Rusty Pig Foot Tattoo, in Berlin Friedrichshain.

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