Berlin Markets supports Berlin artists and brings them directly from the street to the platform. Our aim is not only to present a list of products, but also to tell the story behind the print, the ceramic, or the shirt. That's why we've been on the road the last weeks and introduce you to the artists and their workshops and studios. We want to show people, their way of working and their environment.


"There are many great artists that I don't remember the names... I'm bad with names."

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map 


"We work every day as best as we can, is always a challenge, it took a lifetime maybe two."

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map

Erie Berlin

"When I flew to China for a production and was only supposed to copy big brands - that was the beginning of my journey, to do what I want and to live from it - et voilà!"
Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map


"Gets me out at most for lunch on the Maybachufer, or comes to me in the garage in the Skalitzer for a Beer and then we talk to each other."

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map