Interview Antikapratika

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map


Where are you from?

We’re Italian and both coming from a small city called Schio between Venice and Garda lake. Close to the Alps, beautiful place and cold like Berlin in the winter time.

Was the art you do the main reason to move to Berlin?

To be honest, it just happened. We used to travel a lot in the past. We’ve been on the road for four years all around Europe with a camper. Ivan & I were guest as a tattooer in many tattoo shops and Berlin was a place where we use to stop very often. Ivan was guest in "Fuer Immer" and at "Blut und Eisen" so we started to be in love with this City...

Then just came that one day, Yvonne offered Ivan a regular place at the "Blut & Eisen" and we stayed in Berlin.

How does Berlin influence your work and art?

Is the air you breath, you really feel that something was and still is happening here, and this energy, probably, is that what we need now.

Of course, people who live here, the city itself is a great mix of old, new, east and west a unique combination of elements that make this city interesting and charming.

 What do you like or dislike at the Berin art scene?

We ́re not into art scene.. as we don ́t like the attitude of most so-called “Artist”.

How do you connect with buyers and people who want to buy your art?

Mosty Markets, Online Shop, and all Social Media, but this year we will start traveling again. We will travel around Germany to discover new potential customers, shops, and people.

Which galleries are important to you in Berlin?

One of the first time we come to Berlin, we visited this amazing gallery called “Stryknin Gallery”, unfortunately now is closed, but for both of us was always an inspiration.

Who is a must-see artist in Berlin for you? 

Us :) ahahhaa! Talking about ceramics, We both love Kühn Keramik and Maria Volokhova. We are lucky enough to know them and we started a collaboration with Kühn too. We get inspired by so many creative people like "Blut & Eisen" has a strong impact of course as much as Sven Marquadt.

Can you sustain a living from your art, and be a full-time artist?

We work every day as best as we can, is always a challenge, it took a lifetime maybe two.

 What is the worsted fuck up in the art business for you?

The art itself.

Imagen you got 6 hours time to show a friend Berlin, what would you show?

We used to drive around with our camper to see the city and I think is exactly what I would do, drive around with no plan and get lost through Berlin.

What you favorite blog or website about art in Berlin? 

To be honest I don’t have one. We look at many like as Beinart Gallery and Black Workers Tattoo.

Where can People find your work at the moment?

Now at our private lab here in Berlin and in Freiburg, but as I said this year our ceramics will be on tour.

What was the last exhibition you went to see? 

As we ́re focused on Porcelain and Design, we went to watch Woma, a couple of time in the near past and Brunnen 190 in Mitte.

Who is an inspiration to you as an artist?

This is difficult, I don ́t have one. Personally, it ́s already complex for me to live with myself and understand myself every day a bit more, to be honest... As much as I can, no time to emulate another individual. But what I can say is that I admire people that are honest with themselves, respect others and the surrounding nature. People that take time to listen, that are able not to judge and try their best to open their mind a little more every step.


Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map