Interview Brookesia

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map

Where are you from?

I come from Spain exactly from the Basque country, a small town near Bilbao.

Was the art you do the main reason to move to Berlin?

No there was another reason but also for me just to make a big step about my project that in the end was a good decision.

How does Berlin influence your work and art?

At the beginning was a big fight, but after a while was really good and is going better.

What do you like or dislike at the Berin art scene?

ufff I think I hate and love all every second all the days.

Which galleries are important to you in Berlin?

Urban Spree, Serigraffeaur, and Supalife Kiosk

Who is a must-see artist in Berlin for you? 

There are many great artists that I don't remember the names... I'm bad with names.

Can you sustain a living from your art, and be a full-time artist?

More or less, not really, but is growing more and more. I hope soon "jajaja"

Imagen you got 6 hours time to show a friend Berlin, what would you show?

Everything is in the street you don't need to go special places.

Where can People find your work at the moment?

I'm specific in music artwork and I was working with many bands, you can see my work in the t-shirts, album covers, and concerts, and in February I will have an exhibition in Serigrafiar.

What was the last exhibition you went to see? 

Lego museum 


Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map