Interview Erie Berlin

Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map


Where are you from?

I was born in Leipzig and grew up there too.

Was the art you do the main reason to move to Berlin?

In 2009, I applied to the HTW for a fashion design course, rather see how the application process works - and was accepted directly. Honestly speaking, it didn't necessarily have to be Berlin for me, but I came here because of the admission for my studies - and of course, I'm very happy about it - nothing comes without reason;) That's why: Yes, fashion has brought me to Berlin!

How does Berlin influence your work and art?

In Berlin, so many things are possible that would be completely different in other places. When I look at Berlin, I see a big pot full of creativity, of ideas, of innovations, of people who dare to dream - a pot that doesn't exist anywhere else in this way. This creative and open atmosphere makes many things possible and gives a lot of space. At the same time, I see this pot as a bubbling pot that is not yet so connected with the rest of the world, other "realities", and in exchange, as it could do. But so many things are already happening to close this circle - Berlin is on its way there!

I tell it all because it's exactly my process in and with Berlin - super creativity with great, courageous people around me who want to make the world a better place and at the same time build a bridge from there on the challenge of translating these dreams for the rest of the world and getting them down to earth. I believe that the place where you are does something to you and the other way round - that each person influences the place where they are and makes them what they are.

 What do you like or dislike at the Berin art scene?

That anything is possible! Everyone can enjoy life - that's great. I don't really hate anything;)

How do you connect with buyers and people who want to buy your art?

Through my studio and occasional events, such as pop-up shops, I reach Berliners and customers who interested in sustainability and local markets. Social media and online presence is of course very important and helps to reach potential customers, In addition, there are more and more networks and initiatives within Berlin, which make it easier to support each other and to be informed about events, information, etc..

Who is a must-see artist in Berlin for you? 

Wow.... there are so many great people! I will simply list three, but I would also call them "living artists":)

Simone from SICA - she combines craftsmanship, upcycling and the support of women in Bangladesh in rural areas and creates wonderful bags out of it.

The next is Lea - she has several sustainable labels and changes the landscape of Neukölln by initiating shop studios to create hubs for creative collaborations.

And last but not least, Runa changes the Berlin landscape through its ReThink, ReFashion and ReFashion events, bringing people together and motivating them to think.

Can you sustain a living from your art, and be a full-time artist?

I can live from my work - for me, workshops and seminars are also part of this work because for me an important element is communication and the passing on of topics (sustainability, etc.), which I deal with, is part of it.

It is a process that I give as long as the process and I need it:) For me, it is bringing together my visions and the world into which these visions are to be implemented.

 What is the worsted fuck up in the art business for you?

When I flew to China for a production and was only supposed to copy big brands - that was the beginning of my journey, to do what I want and to live from it - et voilà!

Imagen you got 6 hours time to show a friend Berlin, what would you show?

I love to walk through the streets of Berlin and to feel the different atmospheres of the various areas of Berlin - in the small streets you can find the small special places that make Berlin what it is. What should not be missing, in any case, is the Landwehrkanal and the Turkish market, best if its warm, music is played and the people sit with each other. Prinzessinnen Gärten and the Tempelhofer Feld are also in high positions on my list. But the most important thing is the connection to the person you're with - if it's better to spend the 6 hours in a cafe or at home, then it's definitely a priority:)

Where can People find your work at the moment?

At various events, fashion shows, exhibitions - self-organized, collective and organized by others:)

What was the last exhibition you went to see? 

If you can define the Green and Ethical Showroom as an exhibition, it was this one. I call it an exhibition because there are super great labels there that make the world a better place to be!

Who is an inspiration to you as an artist?

I think I could actually name every person I meet as a kind of role model because in every encounter and every person I meet I can find something that impresses me, gives me a new perspective and reveals something about myself. Of course, it depends on the individual level of the people.


Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map