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Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map


Where are you from?

I was born in Bucharest, but I've been here for 26 years. Am I a Berliner now?

Was the art you do the main reason to move to Berlin?

I was 8/9 years old and my mother had a scholarship from the DAD here. Then we all stayed here.

How does Berlin influence your work and art?

Ist a free-thinking open-minded city, lax conventions, few norms and large-scale mainstream. There's room for experimentation.

 What do you like or dislike at the Berin art scene?

I like that she's sophisticated. I don't like that you don't know if you're going to end up with confidence trickster = amateurs. A contradiction?

How do you connect with buyers and people who want to buy your art?

I go to fashion fairs and meet salesmen. Very classic. Some time ago I also lived a lot of publicity through media. Now that you're more serious about business, it's harder for me to find the right contacts.

Which galleries are important to you in Berlin?

Koenigsgallerie.  The rebuilding of the church is ingenious and like participatory art concepts for participation up to fashion shows.  But also underground things like Spektrum Berlin are important and cool.

Who is a must-see artist in Berlin for you? 

I am more involved in product design, but I am inspired by Olafur Eliason's work. Is he already a Berliner? I also like some of Thomas Saraceno's work. I like interdisciplinary work and architecture. I take a lot of inspiration from architecture. Especially as an eyewear designer. I also act while I'm sitting on the sofa. Art for me, too :-)

Can you sustain a living from your art, and be a full-time artist?

Yes, I live on that, but it's always a challenge when you want to have a team. We have now spent a year working on the development of Cante Berlin. But it's fun, it'll keep me happy until I get rich.

What is the worsted fuck up in the art business for you?

That it became a business.

Imagen you got 6 hours time to show a friend Berlin, what would you show?

I don't like stress, whoever comes to me and says:"watch out for me I'm in Berlin for 6 hrs", gets me out at most for lunch on the Maybachufer, or comes to me in the garage in the Skalitzer for a Beer and then we talk to each other.

What you favorite blog or website about art in Berlin? 

I'm often on designboom.

Where can People find your work at the moment?

My products can be seen in showrooms, eyewear stores, and fashion boutiques.

What was the last exhibition you went to see? 

Last week at “Spektrum” It was an audio/video performance "DYSCHRONIA" and very contemplative.

Who is an inspiration to you as an artist?

Ernesto Che Guevara and Nikolai Tesla. 


Interview by Jens Schwan - The Club Map