Working Together with Berlin Markets

Who We Are

“Berlin Markets” is a community and digital agency which supports local Berlin artists while providing a unique and authentic experience of "the real street scene of Berlin" for international & local brands.

While it's hard to gain access to the authentic scene of Berlin, we give a creative solution based on our local community of artists which helps support both up-and-coming local artists with international ambitions, and the international street art lovers with a local appetite.

What We Offer

Influencers Marketing & Remarketing 2.0

As is known, in recent years there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for collaborations between brands and influencers in social networks So far, from personal experience and an in-depth investigation of a number of ambassadors and advertisers, the results were:

 The Brand's Claims:

It does not work - it's not measurable, no ROI. ֿA lot of money is invested and the only winner is the influencer who gets content exposure from the campaign. Today it's impossible to get the audience out of the social platform and onto the brand's store. The ambassador did not cooperate enough, they weren't open enough to new ideas.

 The Influencer's Claims:

  • "The product is too expensive / cheap, the advertisers do not know how to sell."
  • "I am not willing to destroy the authenticity of the page in my posts.
  • In short - there is currently chaos in the field and the no one achieving their goals."

    Here we turn the problems into advantages

    Our campaigns are divided into 3 stages:

  • Content creation + exposure the brand with local influencers and their audience while tagging and keeping only the audience who engage with the content for 180 days
  • Creating traffic CPC campaigns under the brand name targeted to the audience that was tagged in stage 1 ( engage with the influencers content )
  • Analyse the traffic that came from the CPC campaigns to the brand shop and make optimization in order to achieve brand goals.
  • Marketplace

    At, an easy accessible web shop, all we need is a picture, price and description and you’ll get:

    1. Benefits from our wonderful UX and UI with great conversion-rates.

    2. Access to the right audience for your brand. Out of our huge database we always niche our target group depending on the style of your brand.

    3. Logistics services from central Europe and the Middle East (shipping, storage & customer service).

    Our “Berlin Markets” Properties

    We give you access and full advantage to market yourself through all our channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Newsletters etc.

    Video Content

    Our in-house production team with their roots in storytelling are able to create all types of video content from a fresh idea all the way to the finished product. Shot and produced in amazing 4.5K quality, we build a style relevant for your brand, and afterwards you will be free to use the content as you wish.

    Complete online marketing services

    We have in-house experts with over 10-years’ experience in online marketing. We offer a wide range of services such as:

    1. Google campaigns, social media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc.

    2. Analysis and reports from Google Analytics

    3. B2B-marketing and SEM-services.

    4. Improved marketing by using already existing CRM-data and online assets.

    Media Buyers

    We have the best prices to market your products in the right channels, e.g. in music and fashion magazines.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at